I don’t know the story behind these two townhomes on South Lee St. But I like them.


According to the sign above the door, this is the Honeycomb House on Wolfe St.


The Tannery Yard townhomes sit where the C C Smoot and Co. Tannery used to be. Smoot owned the Tannery, a lumber yard, and was mayor of Alexandria in the early 1800s.


The Friendship Fire Company was established here in 1774 and was the first volunteer fire company in Alexandria. The building is now a museum dedicated to the history of firefighting.


The Vowell-Smith house is the largest house in Old Town Alexandria. And from this angle it looks reeeeal spooky.


They love their arches here.


I wonder if they need a parking permit for the moped?


The Ramsay House is the oldest house in Alexandria. Built in 1749 by William Ramsay, a founder of Alexandria and the first mayor. It was restored in 1956 and is now the visitor center.


The wife snapped this on our evening walk with the dogs. King Street looking west from the waterfront towards the George Washington Masonic Memorial.


Today is Presidents‘ Day, officially Washington’s Birthday to the federal government. It would be Washington’s 292nd birthday. It’s also the 275th year since Alexandria was founded. We watched the parade today.


The Old Dominion Boat Club was founded in 1880. In 1947 they started a high school rowing program at the city’s high school. It’s the second oldest boat club in Virginia and sits at the end of Prince Street.


We were supposed to get snow last night. 501 Duke St was built in 1780 and once owned by George Washington’s nephew. As you can see, it is completely uncovered in snow.


This downspout is marked with the TW & RC Smith foundry name and “Alexandria DC”. Alexandria was returned to Virginia in 1846, so the downspout is almost 180 years old.


The Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks (BPOE) headquarters was built in 1910. In the 80s it was sold to developers and turned into condos. The mayor of Alexandria convinced the Elks to leave the statue as part of the architecture of Old Town.


Little Theater of Alexandria (LTA) is the local community theater. Founded in 1934, they’ve produced almost 400 shows.


The Columbia Firehouse on South Saint Asaph was home to the Columbia Steam Engine Fire Company in 1871. In 2009 it became the Columbia Firehouse restaurant. In 2023 they relaunched as Josephine Brasserie, a delicious French restaurant where we have Valentine’s reservations!


We have a lot of brick sidewalks in Old Town. And most of them are NOT flat.


Nothing especially historic about these homes that I’m aware of. Just a whole lotta brick and cute doors.


Gadsby’s Tavern sits on the corner of Royal and Cameron streets. George Washington was a frequent visitor and the tavern has hosted other famous people like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Lafayette. It’s now a museum and restaurant.


Underneath the Woodrow Wilson bridge at Jones Point Park.